BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Baguio-based nobody releases some new stuff

Some spanking good news that deserves to be shared!


Writer-musician Levi Masuli shares us some of his latests works as well as some updates on his life. 

BAGUIO- Baguio-based not-famous nobody Levi Masuli has released a list of what he has done in 2015 so far. Known for his anonymous online blathers and occasional self-rants when going to the bathroom, Masuli has reportedly released a couple of mixtapes and is also planning to release a collection of poetry soon.

“Apparently I have a lot of free time these past few months. It sucks being a precariat, you have to always look for ways to survive, and when there is nothing, you can always make some ‘art’ to give yourself the impression that you’re actually doing something,” said Masuli in our brief interview with him.

WQWQW Masuli looking at the light bulb looking for answers. – PHOTO by Anonymous

Masuli intimated that his latest releases, iTunes Does Spoken Wordand Six…

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