Portraits give Filipino political prisoners human face

“There are no political prisoners.” This is the common refrain of almost every succeeding regime from the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship up to the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the current Noynoy Aquino administrations. Government critics, dissenters, activists, and revolutionaries who challenge the interests of those in power and hence jailed for political reasons are charged with crimes…


Žižek Says Thing

Originally posted on Worker's Spatula:
LONDON – Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek was quoted today saying a thing, maybe about Greece or Syria or some Hollywood film he barely watched, sources confirmed. Noting that many leftists are hypocrites, and that capitalism is bad, Žižek proceeded to segue through a series of tangents…


The War Rages On

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As a Filipino activist committed to radical social change, I like JacobinMag.com, the magazine that introduces itself as one “of culture and polemic.” Well, despite the lapse in judgment that spurred this missive (which we’ll get to shortly), I still do. I like the fact that its articles are short,…

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8 Interesting Renditions of The Internationale

Originally posted on Signals:
Lately I have been trying to make an arrangement of some march songs and damn, it’s hard. I was looking for interesting arrangements of march songs when I came upon different versions of The Internationale, one of the most beautiful anthems ever written. The Internationale is the hymn of all the workers of the world,…