How to write against the Left

Debunk the claim of Leftists that their worldview is scientific. Remind them that they don’t have a monopoly of truth and that grand narratives in the social sciences are no longer fashionable. Replace the tired jargons of the Left with post-political, post-ideological categories such as multiculturalism, civil society, and tripartism. It’s already suffocating and boring…

Orange April.

First Quarter Storm of Readings

As I mentioned during the start of the year, I’ve less time to do lengthier posts. In lieu of more extensive book reviews which I used to do more often before and in order to sustain the regularity of postings here, I’ll begin each month with a list of the books I intend to read…


No scabs

Originally posted on The Charnel-House:
. In the history of modern class struggle, those who cross picket lines to fill jobs temporarily vacated by workers on strike are known as “scabs.” Scabs are thus low-cost replacement workers, whose willingness to work for less allows employers to starve out the more organized regular workforce. They are…


Ipaglaban ang P16,000 kada buwan na ‘National Minimum Wage’

Note: I wrote this for the Philippine Online Chronicles. Ang kakarampot na P15 taas-sahod sa Metro Manila nitong nakaraang linggo ay isa na namang patunay sa kawastuhan ng kampanya para sa isang “National Minimum Wage” o Pambansang Minimum na Sahod na may halagang P16,000 kada buwan. Hindi tinutugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga manggagawang Pilipino…


Ang mahabang kasaysayan ng paglaban ng mamamayang Bangsamoro

Note: I wrote this article for The Philippine Online Chronicles. Mahigit 40,000 katao ang nag-bakwit sa kanilang mga tahanan dahil sa patuloy na opensibang militar laban sa rebeldeng grupong Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) sa Maguindanao na sinimulan ng gobyernong Aquino noong huling linggo ng Pebrero. Lagpas sa isandaang libong sibilyan na ang apektado sa…

stalin zayn malik

Stalin’s ‘Anti-Semitism’

Originally posted on STALIN'S MOUSTACHE:
The accusation that Stalin was an anti-Semite is a strange one. Neither Stalin’s written texts nor his actions indicate anti-Semitism. Indeed, they indicate precisely the opposite, as I will show in a moment. So those who wish to make the accusation have to rely on hearsay – second- and…