“Solely because of the increasing disorder” — Bertolt Brecht

Karlo Mongaya is an unrepentant critic, bibliophile, and anti-imperialist.
He lives in Oton, Iloilo, Philippines.

Sheila Pagurayan is a children’s and women’s rights advocate.
She is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo.

Why Hello.Lenin!? The blog’s name Hello.Lenin! is a pun on Hello Kitty. It is also a response to the 2003 German film Good Bye Lenin

Set in the dramatic years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Good Bye Lenin attempts to finally bring closure to what it describes as a massively flawed and repressive state that was borne out of the legacy of Lenin. In the film we have a brother and a sister tending to their mother who just woke up from a long coma. When the mother was unconscious, the Berlin Wall fell, East and West Germany is about to be reunited, and so on.

Their mother was a staunch supporter of the old regime, hence the two siblings takes to extreme lengths to make it appear as if there are no drastic changes. Of course, it turns out that the siblings didn’t have to do all that because their mother was not actually a real believer of the old regime but was only pretending to do so.

In short, Good Bye Lenin rehashes the usual canard about the futility of socialism and the superiority of capitalism when in fact what fell in the late 80s and the early 90s in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were Modern Revisionist states that used the name of Marx and Lenin in words but oppressed and exploited the working people in deeds. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the full restoration of capitalism was only the culmination of their prior betrayal of the revolutionary ideals represented by the name Lenin.

The full restoration of capitalism in the former Soviet Union in 1991 after decades of revisionist rule with Stalin’s death in 1953, as well as the embracing of the capitalist road by Red China after Mao’s death in 1976, has led bourgeois intellectuals and their imperialist masters to crow about a “New World Order” and global capitalism as the “End of History.”

But the continuing crisis of the world capitalist system and the recent resurgence of people’s movements and revolutionary struggles on a worldwide scale has quickly swept the rug under their feet and effectively debunked the illusion of a seamless capitalist utopia. We are still in the age of imperialism and world revolution as Lenin diagnosed a Century hence. It is in this context that we say Hello.Lenin! once more.

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  1. karlo..zizek is gonna squeeeze out the sanity left in you…i can recommend youssef ziedan , the arab Eco to be used as a sanity napkin…Evelio Rossero’s THE ARMIES can be used to cleanse the last droplets that drip down after the loin-shake…
    karlo…take care to fend off mistaken readings…
    baiju raj

    • You are always welcome, John Matthew. I have the same thing to say about your own site. I loved that bit onthe last communist. Will definitely read the rest. Thanks too.



  2. karlo, regarding that issue of busay where you proposed to include the essay “on the very fine art of critiquing”, have you already run it? If not yet, would it be possible if I edit some parts of it? I realized I cannot go on burning bridges. I’ll retain the tone, but I think of deleting some information that can be identifiable to some people directly involved.

    please email me here for your response as I do not regularly check blog notifications: eraserattsokfev@yahoo.com


    • You’re welcome, Sir. We haven’t submitted the Busay manuscript yet. We discussed the matter with Sir Talledo and we’ve decided on a few changes in the original plan. We’ll be postponing the publication of your essay to the next issues. We’ll be writing a feature and publish it side by side with your own review. The planned article, rather than replicating your formal review of the films, will proceed to read them (basing on your less than positive appraisal) in a more sociological vein as symptomatic of the state of cultural production in UPV.

      Thank you very much for the support, Sir.


  3. Hello po. Gusto ko po sana mag ask if ano po ang iyong mga plans this coming May 1, Labor Day? We are assigned to make a documentary on labor day movement and I know na active po kayo. Hopefully, we could also join in. Thanks

    • You are always welcome, Louie Marie. People’s organizations of workers, peasants, women, youth, and other sectors will be holding big protest actions on Labor Day. And please check your email. Thanks!

  4. Was searching some statistics on PH’s income inequality and happen to come across this blog. I enjoyed reading “The Real State of the Nation” and although it was in 2012, it’s still very fitting at present. Browsed through the other posts and *gasps* …I am bookmarking this page.

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