Twelve Years with Sheila

I feel blessed to be with Sheila for the last twelve years. Our daughter Giap will turn eight this year. Always thankful to my wife for being by my side through our ups and downs, and for bringing me back to my senses in my lowest point. Sheila, among all the persons in the world, was the one who helped me mature and know myself best, pushing me to overcome my deepest failings and not allow them to destroy what we’ve built through the years.

October 2022. Quezon City.
December 2021. Tops, Cebu.
February 2020. First Quarter Storm @ 50 People’s Concert, UP Diliman.

December 2019. Talisay Restaurant, Maginhawa.

February 2018. Greenbelt, Makati.
December 2017. On the way to Cebu
January 2016. Taxi from NAIA.
May 2015. Giap’s Baptism.
December 2014. Cebu City.
2013. Miag-ao, Iloilo.
December 2012. Guimaras, Iloilo.
2011. Iloilo.
November 2010. Fort San Pedro, Cebu City.
December 2009. UP Lantern Parade, Iloilo City.

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