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Alternatives to Jalaur mega dam by Dr. Ernesto Hofileña

What follows is the statement of Dr. Ernesto Hofileña for the 1st International Solidarity Mission Against the Jalaur River Multipurpose Project Phase II conducted in Calinog, Iloilo last July 16-18, 2016. AT FIRST sight, building the Jalaur Multipurpose Project Phase II (JRMP II) seems like a good idea. One of the biggest problems facing any small…

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International Solidarity Mission on Panay mega dam launched

Originally posted on Panay Today:
ILOILO City – The Jalaur River for the People’s Movement (JRPM), an alliance composed of environmental advocates, peoples’ organizations, church people, members of the academe and indigenous people’s organizations, is launching an International Solidarity Mission on the Jalaur River Multipurpose Project Phase II (JRMP2) or the Jalaur mega dam this weekend,…


A Random Note on Janine and Ivan’s Essay on Conceptualism

I chanced upon Janine and Ivan’s essay “The Economic Aspect in Contemporary Writing and the Matter of Class in Literature: Reading selected conceptual works” while cleaning up my computer files in my flash drive in a borrowed equipment. This is my first month after my laptop finally gave up after 4 years. It is fine that I…

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I Dreamt about the Workshops of the Future

Originally posted on Signals:
North Korean futurist architecture, credits to Koryo Group ,We need workshops that are based on mutual interest,  collective development collaboration and critique Workshops of all kinds (art, writing, music, dance, architecture, etc) are founded on the development of certain skills. However, as art becomes intertwined with capitalism, workshops become commodified micropolitical structures,…