No scabs

Originally posted on The Charnel-House:
. In the history of modern class struggle, those who cross picket lines to fill jobs temporarily vacated by workers on strike are known as “scabs.” Scabs are thus low-cost replacement workers, whose willingness to work for less allows employers to starve out the more organized regular workforce. They are…

stalin zayn malik

Stalin’s ‘Anti-Semitism’

Originally posted on STALIN'S MOUSTACHE:
The accusation that Stalin was an anti-Semite is a strange one. Neither Stalin’s written texts nor his actions indicate anti-Semitism. Indeed, they indicate precisely the opposite, as I will show in a moment. So those who wish to make the accusation have to rely on hearsay – second- and…


Christmas: A Capitalist Story

I wrote this essay for the Philippine Online Chronicles. All too often we hear complains of the real meaning of Christmas being overshadowed by the overly commercialized air of the holidays. More than a religious festivity about sharing and harmony in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it has become a consumerist ritual where…


Man-Made Disasters?

‘Our fault’? More than just ‘man-made’, some of the biggest disasters are in fact the direct consequence of the world capitalist system of production that has concentrated wealth in a handful of monopoly capitalists at the expense of the environment and the majority of the toiling classes who wallow in abject poverty and desperation. The…