Can the Lumad speak?

Responding to the public outrage against the Lumad killings and the growing clamor to end the militarization of their schools and communities, government spokesmen and apologists have taken to questioning the ability of the Lumad to speak. “May concerns po ‘yung mga taong ito. Huwag naman po natin silang gamitin para sa motibo ng iba,”…


‘First World Philippines’

A “First World Philippines”? The Aquino administration’s real legacy may be the perpetuation of a development model handed down from one administration to the next that has only further enriched the few and made the poor even poorer.


Anakbayan urges SC to junk EDCA

Anakbayan expresses alarm over news that the Supreme Court (SC) is set to declare the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the United States (US) and the Philippines constitutional.

If true, such a ruling will allow EDCA’s US military reoccupation of the Philippines, and will legitimize the one-sided agreement’s clear trampling of Philippine sovereignty and makes a mockery of whatever remaining national dignity the country has left.


Humourless Marxist Reviews: Spectre

Originally posted on Worker's Spatula:
The James “007” Bond franchise has been around for 20 years, since its first instalment, “Goldeneye”, was released to rave reviews in 1995. Most critics and fans of the franchise agree, no Bond film will ever top “Goldeneye”, and to date, in terms of quality as cinema, no Bond…


Great Booksale finds this year

Booksale is my favorite physical book shop in the Philippines. Specializing in cheap used books (and what seem to me to be surplus books), Booksale has furnished my personal library with a third of all my books for more than a decade now. Here are some of the titles I found there this year. But…


Bombard the Headquarters!

I’ve done it again. I’ve changed the name of this blog. Why? In fact, nothing’s wrong with the last name. What’s more, changing names can have a negative impact on name recall and the readership which will have to adjust to the new name. The decision for the shift was whimsical. It began with me…