Žižek Says Thing

Originally posted on Worker's Spatula:
LONDON – Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek was quoted today saying a thing, maybe about Greece or Syria or some Hollywood film he barely watched, sources confirmed. Noting that many leftists are hypocrites, and that capitalism is bad, Žižek proceeded to segue through a series of tangents…


The War Rages On

Originally posted on Kapirasong Kritika:
As a Filipino activist committed to radical social change, I like JacobinMag.com, the magazine that introduces itself as one “of culture and polemic.” Well, despite the lapse in judgment that spurred this missive (which we’ll get to shortly), I still do. I like the fact that its articles are short,…

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8 Interesting Renditions of The Internationale

Originally posted on Signals:
Lately I have been trying to make an arrangement of some march songs and damn, it’s hard. I was looking for interesting arrangements of march songs when I came upon different versions of The Internationale, one of the most beautiful anthems ever written. The Internationale is the hymn of all the workers of the world,…