aesthetics of resistance

The Aesthetics of Resistance

I finally read the first volume of Peter Weiss’ The Aesthetics of Resistance this year (along with Marat/Sade which I may write about sooner or later once I beef up on my knowledge of theatre). Before anything else, I think it would be best for readers to do without Fredric Jameson’s dense and circuitous introduction…


Mr. Palomar and Marcovaldo

Having liked Invisible Cities which I read earlier this year, I took the time to read two other short books by Italo Calvino which I bought very cheap from one of my acquaintances on Facebook. Mr. Palomar seems to me like a brochure of classic postmodern doctrines and procedures on the indeterminacy of meaning, the…


Roberto Bolano’s Amulet

Amulet is my third Roberto Bolano book after Nazi Literature in the Americas and Third Reich, all first-rate fiction from a now very popular Latin American writer. After reading Amulet, I truly understand why Bolano has been very popular among the literary-minded in the last decade. His books are filled with poets, fictionists, literary admirers,…

How Late it Was, How Late

How Late It Was, How Late

How late my posts are getting published here. Indeed, how late. In order to remedy the increasing irregularity of my postings, I will resort to simply putting out brief impressions of some of the recent books I read. One of the stunning novels I’ve read lately (as the title suggests) is James Kelman’s How Late…


The Political is Personal: Roque Dalton’s Poetry

Small Hours of the Night: Selected Poems of Roque Dalton, edited by Hardie St. Martin and published by Curbstone Press, is a selection of poems from throughout Dalton’s poetic career. Included here are poems from 10 of Dalton’s books — a virtual chronicle of the maturing of Dalton’s poetic talents. Rightly so, the poems in here form a record of his development as a writer who has step by step combined political commitment as a revolutionary fighter and as a poet.