And “Dyan lang” ng giyang magbubukid
ay nandito sa kabilang bundok.
— Gelacio Guillermo

Politics and Economy

Mong Palatino | Teo Marasigan | Jose Maria SisonDavid Harvey | M-L-M Mayhem! | Jodi Dean | Arnold Padilla | Carol AraulloWind in the Tower | Systemic Disorder | Red Polemique | Renato Reyes | Stuart-Santiago | Teddy CasiñoStalin’s Moustache | Comrade Nomes | Minqi Li | The Real Movement | Salud y Benedicto | The Workers Dreadnaught

Research Unit for Political Economy |  Padepa Online | Banned Thought | Pinoy Weekly | Revolutionary Initiative (Canada) |  From Marx to Mao | Ibon Foundation | FQS Library | The Marx & Philosophy Review |

Cultural and Literary

E.  San Juan, Jr | Ericson Acosta | John Levi Masuli | TC Ghai | The Voice Imitator | Cultural Critic | Ursula Le Guin | The Tiger Manifesto | Shades of ThoughtCeasefire | In Theory | The Red Critique

BibliokleptRise | John Lord Escatron | Eric Abalajon | Edel Garcellano | Spurious | The Literary SaloonHis Futile Preoccupations | Les Fleurs d’un Livre | Lizok’s Bookshelf | Pechorin’s JournalBeing In Lieu | Tracy Llanera | This Space | Misanthropologist | The Book Hooligan | Inaj Abalajon | Andang Juan

Chinese Posters | 50 Watts | Chairman SmilesLumpen Orientalism | Stair PornWeaponized Architecture | The Funambulist | Bookshelf Porn | Three Percent | Quarterly Conversation | Triple Canopy | UbuWeb | E-Flux Journal Electronic Book Review | Asymptote | High ChairNonsite.orgBook Forum

Presses and Publishers

The Monthly Review | New Directions | Verso Books | Dalkey Archive | UP Press | Archipelago Books | Ateneo University Press | Open Letter Books | New York Review Books | Duke University Press | Northwestern University Press

3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Now, this site’s definitely not the kind of blog I had in mind. Your profile alone tells me I’d be getting good reads time and again when I visit your site.

  2. hi karlo, found your site through your piece on lady chatterley, what a fantastic webpage you have, forwarding to my boyfriend who’s politics and interests are very similar to yours…it’s a real inspiration

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