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Mindanao: Healing Which Past? Building The Future For Whom?

Sheila Pagurayan reflects on how Butch Nolasco’s Mindanao: Healing The Past, Building The Future, a 1999 video-documentary on the the continuing armed conflict in Southern Philippines, approaches the idea of peace perpetrated by NGOs and the Philippine Government (GPH). Pagurayan notes how the cosmetic concept of peace conceals the underlying political and socio-economic interests upheld by all parties involved in the conflict.


Mindanao: Healing which Past? Building the Future for Whom?

The documentary film Mindanao: Healing the Past, Building the Future is about the armed conflict in Mindanao between Christian settlers and Muslims and how people struggle to mend their lives and communities torn by centuries of protracted armed conflict. While watching the video, the song of the folk group Asin entitled Ang Bayan kong Sinilangan…

Artwork created by a child victim of aerial bombardment during a workshop initiated by the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC)-Ilocos. (Photo by Joan Garcia / bulatlat.com)

Komposo ni Rodielyn sa Tacayan

“Komposo ni Rodielyn sa Tacayan” was composed by Tumandok children during the Children’s Rehabilitation Center fact-finding mission in barangay Tacayan, Tapaz, Capiz in October 2012. Rodielyn Aguirre was killed by an M203 grenade explosion. The “Komposo” was also performed by Tumandok children during the 9th Tumanduk Assembly in barangay Aglinab, Tapaz, Capiz last January 18,…


The Folly of Identity Politics

In the essay Identity Politics, James Tully explains that identity politics emerged amidst the struggles for recognition and accommodation by various identity groups i.e. women, LGBT and ethnic minorities. According to him, these struggles are anchored on the experience of discrimination by minority groups. How do minorities attain recognition? Tully, advances the idea that this…


A Critique of Israel Laban’s Nuwebe

When Karlo asked me what my top ten favorite films are, I realized that most of them are films about children or have children as one of the central characters. On top of my list is Voces Inocentes, a film about forced recruitment of children for armed combat by the El Salvadorian Government in the…