From Polarization to Pluralism: The Turn in Mojares’s Scholarship and Politics

Review Points

Prof. Resil Mojares during a PostScript Interview, 1 August 2018

Prof. Resil Mojares, the Visayan Titan of Letters, is lauded for his contributions to history writing and Cebuano literature. His works reflect a deep investment in the intellectual and cultural development of the Filipino, evinced by his studies of regional history and his essays interrogating Philippine nationalism and how it has marginalized certain sectors in the country. But in his early days as a professor at the University of San Carlos (USC) and a journalist for the Cebu daily The Freeman, Mojares’s writings revolved around militant activism and Marxist anti-imperialism.

Karlo Mikhail I. Mongaya, instructor at the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature at the University of the Philippines Diliman, explores Mojares’s intellectual history and scholarship. In the process, Mongaya illumines the place of nationalism in Philippine academia and how it has evolved in the last three decades of…

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