End the economic blockade against Venezuela! Stand with the Bolivarian Revolution against US imperialist sanctions and military intervention!

We, anti-war and anti-imperialist activists of the Phlippines-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association (PBVFA),reiterate our full support and utmost respect for the Bolivarian Revolution, an ongoing transformative process in Venezuela. We salute the citizens of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Republic for defending the incrimental victories of the Bolivarian Revolution and for decisively wanting to achieve more through painstaking struggle against United States imperialist-led economic blockade.

US imperialist sanctions against Venezuela is part of its scheme to consolidate its power at a time of severe economic crisis and challenges from emergent economic and political giants. There is no other nation in the world that has managed to survive US economic and political sabotage since the early 2000s other than Venezuela. It is largely due to the Bolivarian Revolution’s highly organized anti-imperialist project that goes beyond nation and has the liberation of global South in its vision.

The US-dominated economy in the Philippines has generated an economy that is import-dependent and export-oriented. We share with many peoples of South America, and especially with Venezuela the struggle for comprehensive economic reforms and revolutionary self-determination.

What have we learned from the US blockade of Venezuela so far?

1. The people in Venezuela have to face the daily reality of not having key supplies of food and medicine, which has resulted in an estimated of 40,000 deaths. 
2. The blockade is not a US imperialist strategy to avoid war. The blockade is in itself a form of economic warfare harming the economy and rendering the lives of Venezuelans impoverished and precarious. 
3. The blockade has not weakened the resolve of the Bolivarian people to thwart US-instigated coup attempts but has instead, and as the world has seen, only strengthened national unity in Venezuela; and has generated a strong international solidarity movement worldwide. 
4. Despite US economic sanctions, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under Maduro has sustained subsidies for food supply, energy, education and housing. No other government under the neoliberal order is able to support its own people in such a profound and abiding way.

We have been learning the best anti-war and anti-imperialist lessons from our friends and comrades in Venezuela, lessons that our own movement can practice and improve on as we build a better world. We are one with the Bolivarian Revolution in its goal to continue to resist imperialist aggression, lay down peace-centered and pro-people solutions to current and future challenges. We denounce US imperialist aggression and affirm the Bolivarian process toward just peace and social justice.

May 20, 2019

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