Tumandok burial and sacred sites to be desecrated by Jalaur mega dam project

We forded the Jalaur River and went up to the burial ground in Sitio Sakalon in Agcalaga, Iloilo during last weekend’s International Solidarity Mission but was unable to proceed to the Bukay Isda sacred site because of the strong river current.

Panay Today

ILOILO City – The burial grounds and sacred sites of the Tumandok indigenous peoples of Central Panay will be desecrated by the construction of the Jalaur mega dam, according to a research conducted by University of the Philippines Visayas graduates Mar Anthony Balani and Jude Mangilog.

“We will be really affected because you know if burial grounds will be destroyed of our relatives, our culture will be affected. The continuity and tradition of our family will be destroyed because our burial grounds are remembrance of our respect to our dead family relatives and ancestors,” one of the Tumandok key informants said in Kinaray-a.

The study, entitled “Necropolitics: Panay’s Tumandok Burial Grounds and the Jalaur Multipurpose Project Phase II (JRMP II)”, identified 5 Tumandok burial grounds and 1 sacred site in Calinog, Iloilo that will be destroyed to facilitate the construction of the Jalaur mega dam and access roads…

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