#CHexit: Filipino youth jubilant on int’l court decision on West PH Sea

Note: This is a statement by Anakbayan, the comprehensive national democratic organization of the Filipino youth.

The Filipino youth are jubilant on the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in favor of the Philippines’ case against China’s bogus nine-dash claim over 90 percent of the West Philippine Sea.

The PCA has held China responsible for blatantly violating the Philippines’ sovereign right over its exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf as provided by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

This effectively censures China’s unjust blockade of Filipino fishermen, prevention of Philippine economic activities and petroleum exploration, destruction of marine biodiversity and the environment, endangering navigation, and the building of artificial islands in Philippine waters.

China’s counterfeit claim of historic rights and exclusive control over the West PH Sea falling within the “nine-dash line” is once again proven to be without legal basis and in contravention with the exclusive economic zones provided for in the UNCLOS.

We therefore call on China to respect the decision of the international court invalidating its arrogant claims over most of the West PH Sea, stop using its military might to bully its neighbors, immediately leave Philippine waters, and come to positive terms with the Philippines and other Asean countries.

It is imperative for China to stop its bullheaded violation of international law if it is not to lose face amidst global indignation and brewing socio-economic crisis within its own borders due to growing inequality and injustices in the wake of its restoration of capitalism.

We likewise call on the Duterte administration to break away from the previous Aquino regime’s brazen puppetry to US imperialism. Aquino and his gang should stop taking credit for the PH international victory. They merely posed as anti-China patriots to sell out sovereignty to US.

We further warn against US machinations that are not aimed at defending the Philippines but are rather meant to further stir up tensions in order to justify meddling and boost its domination over the Asia-Pacific.

We are ever ready to assert Philippine sovereignty not only against Chinese aggression but also the continuing US military buildup in the region in the guise of protecting us against China.


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