Youth group opposes military agreement with Japan

Demands official apology and compensation for WW2 victims

The youth group Anakbayan, in the wake of Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s state visit to the Philippines, condemned plans to forge a Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippine and Japanese governments that will allow the stationing of Japanese troops on Philippine soil.
The youth group said any such military agreement will bring back the days of Japanese military occupation. He said this unpardonable given the absence of a clear apology on the part of the Japanese government for its past crimes.

Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisostomo demanded the Japanese government to issue an official apology and provide state compensation for Filipino victims of Japanese brutalities during World War 2, saying there can be no real resolution of Japan’s war crimes without addressing this demand.

“We have not forgotten the cruelties and abuses inflicted by the Japanese Imperial Army against the Filipino people. There has not been any real closure of this matter and yet here we have the Aquino government inviting Japanese troops to our backyard. Modern day Makapili si Aquino, bigyan ng bayong isuot sa ulo,” he quipped.

Over a million Filipinos were killed by Japanese imperial forces during World War 2 while countless Filipina women were forcibly taken to become Japanese soldiers’ sex slaves, or what they euphemistically called “comfort women.”

“Itinayo ng ating mga lolo’s lola ang Hukbalahap o ang Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon. Pero si Aquino ay nangunguna ngayon sa pagsuko ng ating kasarinlan. Hindi na ito nakakapagtaka dahil mismong Lolo at katukayo ni Aquino ay top collaborator ng mga pasistang Hapones noong araw,” he said.

Benigno Aquino, Sr. was one of the top officials of the Japanese-controlled puppet government, gaining familial political clout by collaborating with the Japanese invaders and selling out Filipinos and the Philippines. With the defeat of Japanese imperial forces in the Philippines, Aquino Sr. flew with other puppet officials to Japan.

Crisostomo warned against the double whammy against Philippine sovereignty if a PH-JPN military agreement pushes through with Japanese forces joining American troops and military bases stationed in the country under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.

He denounced President BS Aquino for selling out Philippine sovereignty to both the American and Japanese imperialists. He condemned Aquino’s vocal support for Japan’s militarization via a new security legislation permitting the Japanese Self Defense Forces to directly engage in acts of war overseas.

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