Jail Aquino! Youth group marches to Mendiola, calls on Aquino to face hearings


Hundreds of youth and students marched to Mendiola today afternoon to call for the jailing of President BS Aquino for his leading role in the Mamasapano incident.

Exactly one year after the bloody episode, the youth group Anakbayan led the youth and students’ call to make Aquino accountable for the unnecessary sacrifice of the 44 Special Action Force elite policemen, Moro rebels, and civilians during the botched military operation.

“Mamasapano is a US black op which Aquino directly implemented. Let’s not allow him and his cohorts to continue yellow-washing his role on the Mamasapano carnage. The president practically sent the SAF to the belly of the beast to be slaughtered,” said Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

“Let’s stop the blame-game and denials. Aquino should admit his real role in the actual planning, preparations, and first-person directing of the Mamasapano operation. Unfortunately for Aquino, that would mean landing in jail after his term ends,” he said.

The youth leader welcomed the reopening of the Senate hearing on the Mamasapano probe on January 27. He said Aquino must attend the hearings because the past testimonies made by the president and his cabinet members did not reveal the entire truth.

“Senate should compel the president to face the hearings and should not end up covering up for Aquino. Aquino and his cohorts should be prosecuted and should end up in jail,” he said.

He also urged Senate to investigate the leading role of the United States military in leading the Mamasapano offensive.

“Aquino was overeager to please his American bosses and thus ended up sacrificing the lives of the SAF and the Moro fighters and civilains for an American operation,” he said.


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