Not In Kansas Anymore

I’d like to read this book!

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In this piece for Pluto Press, Nick-Dyer Witheford discusses the digitization of both labour and capital, and their manifestations, as an introduction to his new book Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex.

‘It is seven years since the financial meltdown of 2008 and four since rebellion erupted from Tunis Dyer Witheford CPto Cairo, from Madrid to Wall Street and beyond. Now we are officially in the recovery from a crisis that, at its height, rocked the foundations of global capitalism. Yet despite the apparent return to neoliberal normalcy—of which the recent Tory UK election victory is just one depressing symptom— the global system continues to seethe with discontent and contestation.

In Canada, where I live, university “edu-factories” are awash in strikes and protests by precarious, low-paid teaching assistants and contract faculty. In the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement reverberates from Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond. And in Europe…

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3 thoughts on “Not In Kansas Anymore

  1. I’d like to read it too! Back when I was an anarchist, Nick was my gateway drug into Marxism. And as much as I now disagree a lot with his autonomism, I have a soft spot for his work.

    • I just got a PDF of this work, and yes, it is indeed a gem. Not the usual goody goody tech will “change the world” stuff or the early Frankfurt/Baudrillad-inspired dystopian extreme, a somewhat Luddite position I’ve been prone to taking previously. And readable too! Thanks for the comment. Happy New Year!

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