Humourless Marxist Reviews: Spectre

Here’s another fantastic review of contemporary popular culture that would give Fredric Jameson a run for his money. Reminds me of an equally fascinating review of Jurassic World as a metaphor for the global financial crisis. Keep up the good work!

Worker's Spatula


The James “007” Bond franchise has been around for 20 years, since its first instalment, “Goldeneye”, was released to rave reviews in 1995. Most critics and fans of the franchise agree, no Bond film will ever top “Goldeneye”, and to date, in terms of quality as cinema, no Bond film has.

However, the action franchise’s political significance has long been noted. When “Goldeneye” came out, the Cold War had ended, and the last socialist state, Albania, had fallen. Communism had been relegated to “the dustbin of history” in the popular consciousness, and “Goldeneye” encapsulated this Zeitgeist. “Goldeneye”, which took place largely in the new Russia, was filled with moments in which Russian characters would stop James Bond in the street during chase scenes and expound at length about their appreciation for the work of Milton Friedman, heightening the tension of the chase as Bond would struggle to simultaneously agree and…

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