Humourless Marxist Reviews: Viet Cong (eponymous)

A razor sharp review of this bourgeois shit album. We clearly need more frequent singling out of such errant works and subject them to unabashedly serious criticism. Great work comrades!

Worker's Spatula


Canadian post-punk band Viet Cong has released their eponymous debut to glowing reviews from the bourgeois music industry. Worker’s Spatula, long known as “the Pitchfork of the anti-capitalist left”, sat down and gave the album a listen to understand how a concept album about the heroic Vietnamese resistance to US imperialism could find itself so uncritically accepted by the bourgeois media.

Worker’s Spatula’s entire editorial staff was shocked and offended to find that rather than an album about Ho Chi Minh’s heroic leadership and the war of national liberation in Vietnam, it is actually a scathing Trotskyist attack on the Communist Party of Vietnam’s suppression of the Trotskyist movement in that country, and slanders the National Liberation Front (popularly known as the “Viet Cong”) as “murderous Stalinists”.

Nearly every single track is littered with references to Ta Thu Thau and the LCI, who are cast as tragic revolutionary heroes crushed…

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  1. It’s not a real review, though, but a joke (Workers Spatula is a joke site, like the communist Onion). The album itself does not contain any of these songs, and is not some Trotskyist anti-VietCong band. Rather, it’s just a post-punk band that hipster-appropriated the name VietCong. The reason for the Worker’s Spatula joke review, though, is that it is satirizing the attack the band recently came under for having an “offensive” name. Basically a whole bunch of hipsters in the Canadian Vietnamese community, whose parents “fled communism”, are saying the band is racist for glorifying the “evil” VietCong. And now the band is saying it’s going to change its name due to this pressure.

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