Žižek Says Thing

IKR . . . LMAO!!!

Worker's Spatula

zizekLONDON – Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek was quoted today saying a thing, maybe about Greece or Syria or some Hollywood film he barely watched, sources confirmed.

Noting that many leftists are hypocrites, and that capitalism is bad, Žižek proceeded to segue through a series of tangents until arriving at some other topic.

Many in attendance were quoted as saying that they strongly agreed with many of Žižek’s points, while disagreeing with others, and being utterly confused as to the intended message of others still. Almost all agreed that, at the very least, he succeeded in making clear that [famous foolish person] was foolish indeed.

At some point, his “good friend, Alain Badiou” was likely quoted.

Countering speculation that he was not “prepared to go to the end”, and that he did not “mean it quite literally”, Žižek insisted that he indeed was “prepared to go to the…

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