A Powerful Reply from Maoist Leaderʹs Daughter to Home Minister

“You may call our parents miscreants. For you and your predecessors they will certainly be miscreants. Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and many others who opposed colonialism were then called miscreants. They were all dealt with anti-democratic laws and dark dungeons. Today, you are dealing with my parents in the same manner. But the majority of our people, who are poverty-ridden do not see my parents as miscreants. Their fight resonates more among them than yours. My parents didnʹt set off to make a safe future or finances for themselves. Instead, they set off to make the lives of the poor people in Kerala and this country better. Their fight was for them.”


Note: In the first week of July, Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala wrote an open letter to the daughters of Maoist couple – Rupesh and Shyna, who were arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police in May this year. . . However, Ami, the elder sibling has now written an open letter to the Home Minister, her discomfiture and disagreement with the contents of his letter for all to see. Her letter was published by Malayalam newspaper Madhyamam in their online edition. Read the letter here.




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