UP student with near-perfect grades exhorts fellow graduates to a life of service to the nation

tiffany uyUniversity of the Philippines Diliman Summa Cum Laude Tiffany Uy, who graduated BS Biology with a near-perfect grade from the country’s premier state university, exhorted fellow graduated to a life of service to the nation during her graduation speech.

Uy, who holds a 1.004 general weighted average (GWA), the highest in the University of the Philippines since World War II, began her address to her university’s graduating class of 2015 by thanking her friends, family, colleagues, and professors who helped her achieve this feat.

But besides describing her “awesome adventure” trying to hurdle the academic challenges in the national university, Uy also spoke of the bad shape of the nation. She mentioned the rising poverty, unemployment, inequality and the increasingly inaccessible health care services in the country.

“The state of our nation is rough. A quarter of the population fall below the poverty line, and this would be adjusted standards to bolster the ratings of politicians. Several million people in the Philippines are unemployed, making us a country that is among the lowest in ASEAN,” she said.

“Deep inequities exist between access to public resources, leaving many of our brethren to succumb to illness and die without ever having received health care,” said Uy who also shared during interviews with the media her plans of taking up medicine and becoming a doctor in the future.

She also spoke of the volatile political situation in the country which she says should make everyone realize that there are many things that the academe has not prepared the graduates for in spite of all the high marks, achievements, and accomplishments under their belts.

“How can we even begin to solve the problems of our nation?” she asked rhetorically. A question she answered by encouraging her fellow graduates to use their talents and intelligence to serve the people:

“Your minds, when inspired by imagination, are unbound by glass ceilings, when inflamed with courage to tackle real societal problems, and when grounded and motivated by our love for our country and its people can make the crafting of a sustainable and stable future for our nation not just possible, but rather, inevitable.”

“I believe that there is limitless potential in each and every brilliant mind seated before me… A life motivated by service is the most meaningful,” she concluded.

Note: I wrote this article for thepoc.net

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