A brief response to WSWS on the issue of China and the US

Now this is quite a pleasant surprise. The Left in the Philippines has gotten used to being accused as pro-China lackeys for consistently opposing US imperialist interests in the Philippines. Now this group’s saying its the other way around: Filipino Leftists are pro-US by protesting Chinese incursion in Philippine waters. Funny really!

like a rolling stone

hands off

One Joseph Catalan has been bugging me on Twitter for a response to his WSWS article accusing BAYAN of supporting the US war on China. Here then is a short response from an earlier blog post.

“Maoists support US pivot vs China?”

Well, this is new, coming from pseudo-left Trotskyite grouplets already discredited here in the Philippines but still able to find a venue to spread poison overseas. One Joseph Catalan makes the absurd and fantastic claim that Bayan, by protesting Chinese intervention in the West Philippine Sea, is actually siding with the United States. The claim falls flat on its face since Bayan has consistently opposed US intervention including one-sided agreements such as the VFA and EDCA. Bayan’s track record speaks for itself. Whether in the streets, in the courts, or in parliament, we have strongly opposed US intervention and wars of aggression. We have exposed the desire of…

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