US should stop lying about Mamasapano – Anakbayan

Note: What follows is a statement by Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

We condemn the United States for its repeated lies and insults as it attempts to cover its tracks after directing the bloody Mamasapano offensive.

The Board of Inquiry and Senate reports confirm the presence of at least 6 American soldiers in the operation. It has been established that the Americans funded and trained the Special Action Forces involved, that they provided intel and directives, and that they were the first to get the finger of Marwan after the offensive for confirmation. The US used the Filipinos as cannon-fodder for their anti-terror project.

Despite this, US ambassador Philip Goldberg has the gall to lie to the country and deny the involvement of the US in the operation. We should kick out this ingrate immediately.

The official reports have already revealed that the US directed the operations and that they used Filipinos as pawns in their terror war. The repeated lies and denials made by Ambassador Goldberg and the US officials are clear insults to our sovereignty and our people. The US should be held accountable for their meddling which resulted to this bloodbath.

No less than US President Barack Obama and his state security officials should be asked to address the issue and tell the truth about the Mamasapano offensive which killed at least 67 Filipinos. The cover-up and the insults should stop.

US imperialism has brought deaths and suffering to our country and our people. Their latest crimes are the bloodbath in Mamasapano and the all-out war they are conducting in Mindanao. The US must not be allowed to wash its hands clean and escape accountability.

We demand that the US pull-out all its troops in the country and stop all its operations immediately.

The Senate and Congress should conduct a special investigation into the role the US has played in the Mamasapano operation as well as an investigation into other US-directed operations it has conducted and is conducting in the country.

The deep involvement of the US in the Mamasapano incident further shows that the US has been using the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement and other lopsided treaties to conduct illegal ‘black operations’ in the country.

The US role in Mamasapano further exposes President Aquino as a “puppet” of the US. Aquino betrayed the nation by sacrificing the lives of our people in the altar of the US terror war. He should be made to resign for treason against the nation.


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