Romero (Film)



  1. well, will have to look for it elsewhere, i do believe in intellectual property, but since some films simply have very limited distribution (read: not distributed by most commercial distributors), it’s a spoilsport who removes it and prevents it from being more available to a wider audience.
    just to leave a tip, Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan is available online, mostly on Russian film sites (with english subs).
    Funny enough, most film critics pounce on it as a criticism of Russian society today despite Andrei Zvyagintsev’s repeated declaration that it’s a story that can happen anywhere and in all periods of human history, and anyone who gets to watch the film knows that he is right. And to think that the story that inspired the film, first of all, happened in the US,

  2. thanks! i hope i’ll find the time to watch it soon. not much of an ideologist, am afraid, but this will take me back to my polsci 101 at upv under sir joseph anthony loot. he was a young stern fresh graduate, and we used to joke that we could always do polsci 202 if we failed:) (101 x2 ba, :)).

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