The State of the Nation Will Not be Televised

Protesters burn effigy of Aquino, chanting
Protesters burn effigy of Aquino, chanting “Tuta ng Amerikano”!

There is no point in listening to President Noynoy Aquino’s fourth State of the Nation Address today. The real state of the nation will not be televised.

It cannot be heard in the halls of the 16th Congress amidst the applause and cheers of the President’s fellow landlord elites, big tycoons, and corrupt bureaucrats.

The state of the nation is not in the recycled lies about “rapid economic growth,” the so-called fight against corruption, or the alleged success of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.

The state of the nation cannot be found in the wishful claims of upcoming peace in Mindanao or the delusional banter about the armed forces’ respect for human rights.

The conditional cash transfer has never brought rural development. While Aquino’s bellicose rhetoric against Chinese “aggression” only further justifies US military presence and violation of the country’s sovereignty.

The state of the nation cannot be reduced to fancy public relations gimmicks.

The real state of the nation belongs to the working class and all the toiling people who create the wealth for a handful of ruling elites while receiving next to nothing in return.

It is in the soaring cost of education, health, water, electricity, housing, public transportation, and other public services that is the consequence of even tighter private control over the economy under the public-private partnership program.

It is in the reality of a country consciously kept as a backward economy by foreign monopoly capital in order to make it perpetually dependent on foreign investments, loans, and aid while providing them a steady source of natural resources, cash crops, semi-manufactures, and cheap labor.

This is the real secret behind the chronic unemployment and underemployment and the persistence of the labor export policy because of the lack of jobs at home.

In the past three years under Aquino, multinational and transnational corporations have deepened their stranglehold on the country and intensified their plundering of the natural environment through large-scale mining and plantations and extracting super profits from their people.

Foreign monopoly capital and the domestic elites have maintained the old feudal system wherein 7 of 10 peasants are landless and continue to suffer from high land rents, usury, lack of agricultural mechanization, gravely low wages, and even lower prices for their products.

The real state of the nation can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched by the more than 70 percent of the population who live on less than $2 a day even as the wealth of the country’s richest 40 families is equal to 76 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.

The real state of the nation is determined by US control politically, economically, and culturally and the concentration of all the wealth and power in the hands of the ruling one percent.

Whatever change that needs to be instituted must therefore assert national freedom and independence against all forms of foreign domination and its local puppets.

At the same time it must fulfill the peasants’ struggle to break the land monopoly and advance the rights and
interests of the 99 percent.

A genuine democratic government must be established under the leadership workers, peasants, and other progressive sectors of society.

The haciendas and feudal estates must be distributed to the peasants at no cost. A program of nationalist industrialization and a self-reliant economy must be advanced on the basis of genuine land reform.

The monopolies and other big properties of the ruling classes and their foreign masters must be taken over and ran as nationalized enterprises.

All unequal treaties and agreements with foreign powers must be cancelled. Free education, health, and other social services must be provided to the people.

Against the prevailing decadent, consumerist, individualist, colonial, feudal, and patriarchal culture, a truly nationalist, scientific, and mass-based culture must be propagated.

The real state of the nation will not be televised. It is in the streets, the factories, the communities, the countryside, and everywhere else where the Filipino people have stood up for change.

It is in the people’s sufferings as well as in their protests, their barricades, their mass struggles, their revolutionary resistance to an unjust system that has deprived them of a bright future.

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  1. this titles harks back memories of what happened to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. The revolution would not be televised.

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