Cute Asian Poses

louder-lee-kyeong-min-03-160x224I came by the blog via Frances in facebook.

What I found fascinating, apart from the fact that the models really are cute, is that the poses demonstrate how in certain instances, to put it in a now overused adage, the medium could itself be the message.

Instead of asking the other person to speak louder, for example, you simply bring your two hands with all fingers extended near the mouth and at an angle with the palms facing outwards.

The catch is you are not even requesting other persons to speak louder with this pose. Most of the time, you are not really signifying any intention to sleep by forming a pillow with your hands or suggesting neediness by assuming a begging pose but simply simulating the act of becoming loud to solicit a certain kind of attention.

Secondly, I also found interesting the fact that these quirky poses involve precise conventions. Adjusting glasses, for instance, involves one hand with the index finger and thumb touching the glasses frame right next to the lens.

While most of the poses featured in are by East Asian celebrities, the poses are fashionable here in the Philippines, especially among the younger people.

Is this simply an “Asian” thing? Maybe the fact that Japanese anime and manga and Korean soap operas, as the cliché goes, are all the rage in the country has something to do with this trend.

The cat pose, for example, where you put your fists, in imitation of the cat’s paws, up to your cheeks was popularized by mangas and animes. Meanwhile the gesture of pleading with puppy eyes is said to be epitomized by the following screen shot from an anime show[1]:


Mass media and popular culture are indeed sites where our concept of “what is cute” is created. ■

[1] The screenshot from Lucky Star was borrowed by from Kurogane’s Anime Blog.


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