Dostoevsky Goes to Serbia

Dostoevsky Goes to Siberia
I'm not sure if Dostoevsky did go to Serbia in the course of his long life, but the great Russian writer served his sentence in Siberia.


  1. Karlo:
    Just pulled out my Penguin copy and took a look at the back:

    “The four years that Dostoyevsky spent in a Siberian prison camp were nasty, brutish and long, the most agonizing of his life.”

    Shame on Oxford World Classics….

  2. Meera, I’m sure they’ve already taken of this already considering that Oxford’s been doing this repackaging of their World Classics series [w/c is perhaps also the reason why I’ve been able to buy some of their titles (the old packaging) cheaply at some National Bookstore branches].

  3. Well Oxford Classics did turn down the opportunity to publish Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky’s translation of The Brother’s Karamazov….
    You might have a collector’s piece there.

  4. Karlo:
    Some translations of the Russian comments. I didn’t do them, btw, but I asked someone to translate them for me and I’m passing this along:

    1 There is something in this, undoubtedly

    3 Very good post. Thanks for the work you’ve done!

    4 This is some kind delirium :) Evidently a creative crisis has been reached. No idea about what to write :)

    6 Very intelligent. Thanks

    7 thanks for the article…added to the reader

    8 Yes, aleks, to fight laziness is in fact sometimes very difficult…

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