Man-Made Disasters?

‘Our fault’? More than just ‘man-made’, some of the biggest disasters are in fact the direct consequence of the world capitalist system of production that has concentrated wealth in a handful of monopoly capitalists at the expense of the environment and the majority of the toiling classes who wallow in abject poverty and desperation. The…


Adventures in a miracle art museum in Cordova, Cebu

The saying that all art aspires toward the condition of music has become a cliché. Originally said by Walter Pater more than a hundred years ago, this saying has more than lost its evocative edge. Today this has been largely replaced by the desire to attain the condition of a spectacle. It is not enough…


Economics students begin to revolt

Originally posted on Systemic Disorder:
Economics students of the world have nothing to lose but their ideological chains. A revolt appears to be brewing — an international coalition of economics students has issued a public call for the teaching of a variety of schools of thought so that the field might actually find solutions to…